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When it comes to the finished product, let's talk APEX

High-quality abrasive sanding machines to process a variety metal products.

With a combination of abrasive belts, oscillating discs, and rotating brushes, it is possible to grind, remove burr or slag, round edges and/or polish your product in a single pass.

APEX abrasive deburring and finishing machines provide optimal results.

Currently in ACC Machinery Co., Inc. inventory:

New Apex EZ Sander with optional dust collector

(New) Apex EZ Sander

Model: EZ3760M


with standard equipment.

Also, in stock is the optional PWDC-5 Dust Collector

(New) PWDC-5 Dust Collector

230V/3PHMy mom has shared many lessons in life, one of which is to finish what I start. When it comes to metalworking and fabricating equipment, there is no better way to finish a product that when utilizing the proper make, model, options and abrasive belt.

Apex Machine Group offers customizable equipment.

First, let's talk about application and material. Then we can get into the necessary process.

· Grinding & Slag Removal

· Deburring & Edge Rounding

· Surface Finishing & Polishing

ACC Machinery Co., Inc. offers local AZ service support.

Thank you for considering ACC Machinery Co., Inc. as your local AZ full-service distributor.


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