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About ACC Machinery Co., Inc.

ACC Machinery began, in the late 60's, as a couple's dream for a better life.  They wanted their four children to have a brighter future and knew current jobs as a typewriter repairman and diner waitress did not offer that opportunity.  So, they took a risk that over time proved successful.  Their decision and efforts were not easy. When is owning your own business considered easy? It is not which is why they had to work very hard long hours, take risks and eventually build a company they envisioned as one that is not just a business, but a way to be supportive of working relationships.  Strong relationships with customers, vendors and peers are what ACC Machinery Co., Inc. values most of all.


Today, two of their children own and operate the company.  Both having grown up in the industry, they have decades of knowledge and experience.  Their focus continues with the same goals as when this company began, to help customers meet their goals and support ACC's sales with full-service attention and LOCAL SUPPORT.  ACC Machinery deliberately chose not to become a national or international distributor.  ACC Machinery Co., Inc. is an Arizona state based and focused distributor of New and Used metalworking and fabricating machines.  LOCAL support to sales matters.


With 53+ years of experience, ACC continues to help meet and support Arizona's manufacturing needs.  ACC's owners and employees are not "middle-men", they are an integral part of the supply chain, middle class, hardworking and caring people who sincerely want to help customers and vendors professionally connect in an ongoing successful supported manner with full service and reliable experience.    

Thank you for considering ACC Machinery Co., Inc.  

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  • Help customers determine best equipment to meet their goals with consideration for the following: application, material, current equipment and production, budget, time frame and other important factors related.

  • Support our customers and the machines we sell with professional, reliable knowledge of products and also provide effective service support.

  • Respect relationships with customers, vendors and peers.

  • Develop and improve our skill sets for customer benefit.

  • Be efficient, effective, professional, reliable and available as a full-service distributor.

  • Continue as family owned and operated since 1969.

  • Support Arizona's manufacturing industries.

  • Be kind, professional, respectful and efficient.


Our vision, as a small business operated by family and friends for decades, is to see manufacturing be honored for all it provides to the daily lives of everyone!  We want to see our customers have ongoing productive success and our vendors to have ongoing productive success as well.  Manufacturing is important and MUST BE SUPPORTED, APPRECIATED AND CONTINUED in the United States of America.

Industrial steel and metal works welded frame, welding iron and steel for construction and

& Fabricataing in AZ

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