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Wow that metal plate took a punch.

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Ironworker machines are for fabrication and metalworking shops used to process metal in a variety of ways. Typically an ironworker is purchased to shear, punch, notch and even bend metal products without requiring extensive setup times or complicated jig setups.

The best way to determine what make, model and options necessary for an application is to first know the type of application and material involved. It's also important to know budget and operator experience. We sell Edwards, Geka, Scotchman and Sunrise ironworkers.

Often we'll have one or two in our showroom and that's when, during a demonstration, I'll hear a loud sound and discover it is a piece of metal being punched. Ironworkers can punch a whole lot of holes helping to increase productivity. The versatility of an ironworker is what I truly like the best. Open stations that can take options such as punching, cutting and bending, allow the end user to personalize their ironworker.


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