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It's an Ironworker, not an "ironwoker"

Some things cannot be "re-imagined" no matter how hard you try. Such as, an already built hydraulic metal working ironworker. Sure, a future ironworker can be designed and manufactured to meet considered needs of the future, if the current design cannot. But, the currently manufactured ironworker is what it is and it works great! In fact, an ironworker with the right openings and accessories can punch, shear, brake and notch metal with ease. The reason for this post's title is based on my fat fingers. I often type the word ironworker because it is such a popular machine with fabricators and in the structural steel industry. Many times, my initial effort to type that word ends up "ironwoker" because my fingers are going to fast. This happened recently while working on this website product page and it made me think of today's slang word "woke". While it is good to always seek improvement and make changes when needed for ongoing success, it is also important to realize not everything requires change. I guess what is being thought about here is that when it comes to manufacturing with metalworking and fabricating with structural steel an ironworker is a very necessary part of a production line. When it comes to demanding social change with a steel determination, then an "ironwoker" would be needed.


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