Simple meets complicated

I personally do not know anyone who isn't pro simplicity; be it in life, relationships, work, health, faith we want to simply accept, adapt, understand and be our best. But, as soon as we think something seems easy or easier, simple tends to meet complicated. Instead of getting upset about that and feeling stressed perhaps it would help to step back and accept, adapt, understand that to be our best means to manage complicated experiences, events, information and the like. In doing that we will be our best and not limited.

In work, it is not uncommon for a machine operator to inform a floor manager he needs a part to repair the machine. That floor manager then reaches out to purchasing to order the part. We then get the email or call to place that order. All seems so smooth and easy right? But, unless the operator provides full details to the floor manager (e.g. make, model, serial number of machine, part# or item# as identified in the manual, area of machine, nature of the part in terms of other components that may or may not be related to actual part needed)

that manager won't tell purchasing and purchasing won't tell us when we ask.

We have to ask because we want to make sure our customers get the right quote and opportunity to receive the correct part in a timely manner. Our 50 plus years experience with machine builders and/or their representatives teaches us to ask certain questions.

Details, full descriptions and overall understanding can be complicated. But that's okay,

we are all the better for an expanded knowledge base of life, love, faith, work, health and the like. For me, complication isn't always a bad thing for it leads to identifying areas of need, correction or further exploration to understand more deeply.