Mobile IV Therapy Is Great!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Recently I was ill with the flu. I know it was the flu because AZ IV Team tested me for Covid-19 and that test was negative. I also know now that I have long term antibodies to Covid-19 which is most likely due to getting the vaccine. That said, having the flu is no picnic and this time was NO PICNIC! I was weak, dehydrated, nauseous, achy, tired, vomiting...woohoo!

Luckily, AZ IV Team had an RN available right then and there to come provide me with an IV full of goodness. Also, she provided me with Zofran for the nausea. Within hours I was back to feeling human. Just getting fluids made all the difference. But am sure the vitamins helped as well. It didn't cure the flu, but it certainly curbed it. The next day I was back to my normal self and able to go on a picnic : ) Of course, I didn't because of work. But still, if I wanted to I was able to nonetheless.

THANK YOU to AZ IV TEAM's Registered Nurse Sam and also the Family Nurse Practitioner Kelly for helping me feel better sooner than normal. Also, thank you for keeping me in the comfort of my home vs. going to the emergency room. I truly believe that it was worth the money and saved me time and effort that I didn't have in me at the time.

Below is a video that shares more about this experience and opportunity.

If you are in the need of hydration via IV therapy I highly recommend AZ IV TEAM.