Manufacturing improves lives!

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Growing up with a family business committed to selling and servicing its sales of machinery to the manufacturers, structural steel builders and metalworkers in the State of Arizona, I admit my personal focus was not on manufacturing as a kid. However, once my husband and I continued the commitment to this industry and the family business it became so obvious how many times manufacturing touches are lives. Not one person can say they have not benefited by the efforts of manufacturing. From transportation to education to medical care to nutrition to entertainment to sports, space, specialties and beyond...we are all impacted by improvements made in technology which require use of manufacturing equipment. Unless you are using a rock to chisel into another rock your communications while living in the fresh outdoors without any walls or roof made of anything other than nature and you eat only that which is picked fresh from an organic garden, you benefit from manufacturing. Tools are cool. Never thought I'd admit that as a kid. Back then Icees and Happy Days were cool. But now I know better, machines allow us the opportunity to improve lives.

Our customer make great things happen

Most everywhere, at any time, we are relying upon what manufacturers, metalworkers and structural steel erectors make for our use and enjoyment. Sometimes even things they make to save our life such as medical devices and surgical instruments. If you're in an airplane you certainly are relying upon the quality of the manufacturers and fabricators that made that plane viable, thus flyable. Take a moment to appreciate the escalator you ride on at the mall or the hand rail you hold onto at the stadium or even the stainless steel door that provides you privacy in a public restroom and be grateful men and women chose to become entrepreneurs, innovators and producers of metal making excellence...excellence in our lives.

Let's celebrate metalworking and what fabricators can do with steel
Architectural steel stairway