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Look up!

Whether you're in a park, downtown area, sports arena or concert you most likely could look up at easily see several details involving steel fabrication. I think it's pretty cool that we, as a society, have increasing been implementing metal work beyond the building and into the aesthetics of an area as well.

Recently, we were in Houston TX at a park and this structure in the photo featured stood out. It doesn't provide a whole lot of shade, but it does contribute to the look and feel of an outdoor open area for gathering and enjoyment. It's a landmark for that park because most likely none other are in the immediate area or possibly at all as it could have been commissioned by an artist who then worked with a steel fabricator to make it.

Wherever you may roam this week take a moment to look up and notice how steel contributes to the look and feel of where you are at that time. Metalworking is functional on many levels and emotional support can be considered one of them.

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