Let's do our part!

During this COVID-19 pandemic it is important we all do our part to keep ourselves, family, friends and co-workers safe. It's not a perfect world and our efforts will not be 100% effective. But, this is a time where decision matters more than precision. It will take time for the experts to precisely find out how to treat and hopefully prevent this ever happening again. So we'll leave precision to them. But WE, every human on the planet, CAN decide to change our ways, follow guidelines and make best efforts to minimize the spread of this virus. COVID-19 will not be the last virus we have to address. But, if we address this with better habits such as washing our hands, covering a cough, guarding a sneeze, cleaning surfaces and socially distancing....we can maintain established good habits moving forward and thus, reduce spreading of other viruses as well. Just like machine parts: gears, belts, pulleys, guards, valves, controls....we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Let's respect that and do our part in making this great big world safe, healthy and well. And many thanks, so much gratitude, to all the scientists, doctors, nurses, patient care technicians, medical personnel, grocer personnel, transportation personnel and so many more....BE SAFE and THANK YOU! All we have to do it stay home. You deserve our efforts so you can get back to normal life and enjoy time at home as well.