I "brake" for metalwork

An appreciation for metalworking has been part of me my whole life. Our kids will attest to the fact that I often showed them what our customers do with machines and metals of many types. They will also say it was too much. But, is it too much to appreciate a stainless steel door in public restroom or a copper siding of an architecturally appealing building? The bathroom door is not just functional, easier to clean, repair and attractive. The architecturally attractive copper sided building celebrates Arizona's history and enhances the look and feel of where it is located within AZ. Metalworking in AZ needs to be highlighted more often and celebrated more readily. That's why I "brake" for metalwork. I stop to appreciate its purpose, function and appealing features. I stop to consider what it took to make it and that includes, but is not limited to, the equipment it takes to work metal. I stop to think about the people who made it and what it took for them to make it and that includes so much more than the machinery and metal. That effort includes experience, skills and techniques that are often in the shadows of other types of professions much like when watching live theater at the Gammage Auditorium in Tempe, AZ the focus is primarily on the entertainment itself while the performers on stage are relying on the props, design and fabrication involved withe the production. Yes, I "brake" for metalwork and suggest you might want to try doing the same. Just look around you and if you see something made of metal that you can appreciate for what it does, how it looks and wonder how it was manufactured, appreciate it and inwardly thank metalworkers and fabricators.