How do you brush metal?

When our daughters were younger, we would bore them to no end with remarks like "our customers make those" or "one of our customers built that". One vacation, we were in a hotel elevator and their dad stated, "our customer brushes metal just like this". Our youngest asked quickly "how do you brush metal dad?". We chuckled at that and then proceeded to bore them to death with details about finishing machines and different grains you can create based on different metals and such.

Today our girls are grown women with families of their own. While we can't continue boring them with metalworking knowledge, we can and do keep the tradition with our grandchildren. Afterall, it is vital that our young children understand that there is work and effort, decision making and investment, determination and endurance to so much of the manufacturing involved in the products we commonly elevators.

It's our pleasure to point out that the railing guards at Chase field were made by some of our customers and that the structural steel work all throughout this beautiful State and beyond are some of our customer's hard work and great success. You can't throw a stone from where you stand and not see something that involves metalworking and fabrication. Manufacturing is vital to so many areas of our lives. Perhaps that is why we bored our kids, there is not much we could avoid pointing out with regard to end products manufactured with metalworking and fabrication skills.

I wonder now if our kids say the same thing to their kids when we're not around. We know our girls love the fact that we love this industry. They appreciate the manufacturing industry and the hard work involved. I bet they do point out brushed metal when can. Afterall, it's a fairly funny sounding statement.