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We have a friend who is starting a tour guide business in North Yellowstone Park and other spectacular places in SW Montana. Her wealth of knowledge about geology, animals, nature and wellness makes for a perfect tour guide. I cannot wait to see what she will show us next time we visit there because it sounds beautifully wonderful!

After being obsessed watching 1883, it reminds me of just how lucky we are not to have to be guided through Montanna via horse or horse and wagon. First off, ouch! Secondly, how long would it take just to see a little bit of such a beautiful State? Thankfully, we get to do it by van or "short bus" as our friend likes to say. And that vehicle would not exist but for the innovative and manufacturing efforts of many. Let's not take for granted the metalworking and fabricating involved in making our lives more comfortable. It is time to explore more, but also time to be more grateful for our inventors, innovators, engineers, manufacturers, fabricators and hard-working people who don't mind getting their hands dirty.

We wish our friend the best of luck in her new endeavor.