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It's a sign - made of metal

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

It may sound cheesy but that's what I think when driving by any sign made of metal. We take for granted so much in terms of what metalworking, manufacturers, fabricators and structural steel erectors do for us on a daily basis. Arizona is a gorgeous State with incredible natural areas to visit, but what would we do without signs warning us of falling rocks, deer crossing, dangerous terrain and curve ahead?

Arizona has really grown over the past 100 years

Our State has not just increased in population it has also developed into a wonderful destination for travelers looking to enjoy this beautiful State from North to South to East to West. Arizona offers incredible golf experiences, outstanding hiking adventures, special events of all kinds from concerts to sports to conventions. And while nothing can compete with nature's beauty it still is necessary to have things to comply with being a good steward of this State. That responsibility includes safety, signs of all kinds, letting us know what is necessary in terms of walking, biking, driving, hiking and such. Signs don't grow with water and sunshine. They are built with metalworking equipment by manufacturers and builders who know not just what a sign needs to say but how a sign needs to endure the effects of weather and nature overall.

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